Hi there! I am Felienne. I am assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, where where I research end-user programming. End-user programming is programming for everyone that does think of themselves as a programmer. In my PhD dissertation I worked on applying methods from software engineering to spreadsheets.

During my PhD I founded a company called Infotron, which sells a tool called PerfectXL based on techniques I developed to spot errors in spreadsheets. Me, my research and my company have gotten some media coverage over the last years.

One of my biggest passions in life is to share my enthusiasm for programming/tech with others. I teach a bunch of kids LEGO Mindstorms programming every Saturday in a local community center. Furthermore, I am one of the founders of the Joy of Coding conference, a one day developer conference in Rotterdam and one of the hosts of the Software Engineering Radio podcast, one of the biggest software podcasts on the web.

When I am not coding, blogging or teaching, I am probably dancing Lindy Hop with my beau Rico, out running, watching a movie or playing a (board)game.

Contact details

Postal and visiting address Building 36, Room HB08.310
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft The Netherlands

Email mail@felienne.com


Other places you can find me:

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  1. Donald 'Paddy' McCarthy

    I wondered if you could add this story from the BBC to the EuSpRIG list of horrors:

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22223190 “Reinhart, Rogoff… and Herndon: The student who caught out the profs”


  2. James Hazard

    Hi Felienne,

    I follow Edd’s tweets and am working on a parallel problem — word processing documents. I love your presentation and the notion of “dark matter.” I retweeted and posted a little blurb here — http://commonaccord.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/pigdata-bigdata-order/.


  3. Dale Matt

    This is a real Eye-opener of a website. As a CPA, former neurosciences researcher and current programmer for a major American think tank, spreadsheets are my lifeblood. I had no idea someone took them so seriously! Looking forward to your posts and hoping you’ll be giving a presentation soon in Southern California.

  4. Devanbu

    Hi Felienne. So glad you’re involved in FIRST. My daughter was in a FIRST team (1678) and I credit them with her choosing to major in Engineering!

  5. Don Syme

    Hi Felienne

    This is Don Syme (@dsyme), architect of the F# programming language.

    I understand you’ve been doing some Excel+F# work with BumbleBee? The work looks great.

    In any case, I’m writing partly because the people doing “FCell” (http://fcell.io, @FCellAddIn) – Matt Moloney and Adam Mlocek – were asking if you’d be interested in taking a look at what they’ve been doing.

    Best regards
    Don Syme


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