Measuring Ecosystem Health: Creating “Stock Tickers” for Open Source Ecosystems – Slinger Jansen

Slinger is going to talk about the health of ecosystems (like Ubuntu, Red Hat or Ruby) to be able to help companies to decide what ecosystem to use for new systems. Aspects to ecosystem health are: robustness, productivity and niche creation. These are taken from natural ecosystems.

Related work by Gamaliellson et al tried to measure ecosystem health by looking at how quick questions are answered on mailing lists.

Slinger stressed that he does not care about commits to one particular project, but to many projects in the same ecosystem. Challenges are to decide what is more important: frequent commits, large number of downloads or quick bug resolution. It is also hard to find and compare data (git, on mailinglists, Twitter or StackOverflow)

Future work includes studying the life and death of ecosystems and analyzing API usage: studying how often APIs are included but not used and how often they change.


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