Rodrigo Spínola – Investigating Technical Debt Folklore

Rodrigo Spínola is the first presenter of the Workshop on Managing Technical Debt.

The idea of his research is that if there are ‘folklore’ statements that are either widely agreed or widely disagreed with, they are interesting directions for research. The authors conducted this study in two phases.

Phase 1: searching on websites, blogs and papers for statements. From this 14 statements were selected.

Phase 2: Evaluating those 14 statements, with 37 participants.

Results: There was strong disagreement for the statement “All technical debt is intentional” Which is useful, as this supports the research of tools that help to find and prevent, technical debt.

Agreement was reached for:

  • Technical debt usually comes from short-term optimizations
  • Working off debt can be good for team morale

Especially that last finding, I find very interesting. It is often hard to convince managers that it is useful to work off debt, maybe framing it as a team building activity will help.

Great first talk of the day.