A few weeks ago, I saw a friend tweeting about AirPair: a startup that aims to connect expert with novice programmers and let them pair program remotely. Sessions are an hour or two long, and the expert gets paid for their time via PayPal.

Without giving it too much thought, I signed up as expert. I wasn’t so serious with this, I meant it more as an endorsement, because I figured by registering I showed them that people would actually do such a thing. And much like with backing a kickstarter, I did not expect to get a real product and at at least not any time soon.

But after a week or so, they found me an match! I must say, it is pretty hard to explain things you think are trivial. Even been asked by a non-programmer what exactly a function is?

It is ehm…. a thing, a piece of code that return a value, ehm..

So it was hard, but it was a fun and rewarding experience also. You can watch my sessions below. As all AirPair sessions, it was live streamed on Google Hangout and made availabe through YouTube afterwards.

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