Perry Samson – Mining Student Notes in Real Time to Provide Study Guides

Perry Samson of the university of Michigan had to teach bigger and bigger classes and for this he has developed where you as a lecturer can upload slides, add videos and both open and multiple choice questions and make sure your students are still with you. All these interactions, students logging in, answering questions etc. are recorded.


You can also show all the answers to the entire class, to show the students what others think (and that they are not alone in their struggles) There is even a button (the little flag) where students can indicate they are confused, and the teacher has a confusion meter to show how many students are lost.

Plus: this whole system is online, students can participate remote, and even the lessons can be remote (Perry lectured in Michigan this morning, from California!)

Perry treated us on a great demo of all capabilities of the system and backs up the use of the system with some stats.

Students report higher engagement and attendance:

2014-02-12 12.04.37

Early questionnaires showed that freshmen and female students especially feel frightened to ask a question verbally, but their numbers (and also those of all students together) of students asking questions though this system in higher numbers.

The lecturer gets a report card after the lecture showing how he did, where the most questions were answered, which slides were confusing etc.

Per lecture and per slide, there is a list of words combined that students were typing, which is like an auto-generated study guide.


Finally, the lecturer can see almost everything about students. Whether they came to class, what questions they ask, what parts of the book they read etc. This helps to prevent students falling through the cracks early on, rather than at the exam, as currently is the case.

All together: this is a pretty awesome thing, and according to Perry (and me) this is where education is going!