Steven Tanimoto – Keynote

After a day filled with talks and performances on live coding (performing programming ‘live’ like live music) today’s keynote is about live programming: abandoning the traditional edit-compile-run cycle in favor of an instantaneous user experience with live feedback on a program’s runtime behavior.

In the early days of computing programming was very ‘unlive’, you first had to think of a diagram and than transcribe it into a computer. Then came Sketchpad the very first visual programming language.

A historical perspective on visual & live programming:

2015-07-14 10.02.24

In 1988, a system called ConMan was built

2015-07-14 10.08.10

Steven closes with the implications of liveness for professional software engineering. How to stay in the same flow you experience when performing music?

2015-07-14 10.21.40Referring here to work by Chris Parnin and Brian Burg.


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