Expector released

We just released a new version of Expector, with a number of bug fixes (thanks for all the reports!) but also a few new features:

Test quality


Clicking this button helps you determine how well your spreadsheet is tested. Expector calculates what percentage of non-empty cells in your spreadsheet that are covered (refered to) by at least one test formula.

Formula suggestion 

We also added three buttons that pick a cell for you to test. Cells are selected from all formulas that have not been tested yet, and you can select a complex cell, a cell with a high value or a cell referring to many other cells:


When you want to add a test for the selected cells, you get three options:


You can test the datatype of the cell (text, number) or the upper and lower bound. On ‘save’ Expector saves the tests and you can run them in a similar way as you run extracted tests.

Download & user study

“That looks great! I want to have it” 🙂 No problem, you can download the Expector Setup and give it a run. We would be even more grateful if you would participate in a small online study (about 10 min) about the use of Expector.


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  1. Mario Berrocal

    How do I download Expector? I did not find any “Download” button or link.

    1. felienne (Post author)

      Hi Mario,

      Click ‘Expector setup’ and you’ll be taken to the download page.


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