Profiling Styles of Use in Alice — Leonel Morales Díaz

How do people learn the programming language Alice (a language to make 3D animations)? Leonel has done a number of workshops and found there seem to be four different learning styles:

  • Instruction followers
    • Follows instructions as precisely as possible
  • Scene designers
    • Creates visually attractive scenes worrying little about movement and action
  • Dialog Storytellers
    • Puts two or more characters in the scene and make them talk telling a story
  • Action animators
    • explore by their own advanced features and functions of Alice

Interestingly enough, the division of these styles is very different in teenagens then it is in adults! Adults are WAY more likely to be instruction followers:

2015-10-22 11.05.08

Is adulthood killing creativity? 🙂

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