Responding to clients

On the second day of Eusprig, the focus is more on process in stead of technology. Angela Collins of BDO talks about how to build what clients need, and not what they tell you they want.

She kicks off with a nice example where a client wanted a macro, because the number of rows that had to be summed could change. However, they did not know this could be easily solved with a dynamic named range. Angela states this types of problems can be solved by listing better and talking less tech to clients. This prevents problems like:

“I wanted to make the table look nice so I deleted a row and now it doesn’t work anymore”

“I know I said I wanted Excel 2007 but Bill from sales need to work with it too and he still has 2003”


I think the most important observation Angela makes is that you are building their model. They need to be able to work with it, so make sure it is fool proof and is resilient to changes you could have foreseen by listening.