Doctoral symposium questions

This week the FSE doctoral symposium was held, and Gail Murphy, who was the keynote, has students write down questions on their minds. In this post, and a few to follow, I will try to answer them or point to answers that are already online. In this post are all the questions (thanks students for submitting!) I have ordered them more or less in ease for me to answer, which will be also be more or less the order of the blog posts to appear. I’ll keep updating this post with links.

How to get “strangers” to answer my emails on clarifications or collaborations? They are always ignored.

How important is the rank of your university where you get your PhD for your future career?

How do you know when you are ready to graduate?

How important is industrial validation for a PhD? Can a PhD be successful without such validation?

How to plan the transition from PhD student to life as faculty?

What are the challenges you face as a PhD student?

What to do when you feel like you are failing as a PhD student?

What community do I pitch my work to?

How to manage the 4/5 years of the PhD?

How to measure the contributions of different authors/how to decide which student is the first?

How do you live with the uncertainty of a research career?

What are the necessary elements of a successful PhD student/thesis?


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