From Software Creationism to Software Evolutionism — François-René Rideau

Everyone loves stories! There are different stories, and one very popular story form are original stories, especially stories about the origin of the world, which often also contain a theodicy: a trial of god: why is there evil in the world?

Logogony (a word that François-René invented) is the origin story of software, and Antropodicy (also invented) is the trial of software builders. Why are there bugs?

Analogous to a theodicy, we do a logogony. Why does software exist? Well, because you wanted it to!
And why are there bugs? Because of the devil, says François-René. It is a story of resisting bugs, and we need better tools to do that. The devil needs to be trapped with all sorts of devices and plans. To make stories more interesting, authors sometimes add more devils or opponents, so the proponent needs really good plans! Like we do in programming 🙂

I love this analogy of stories and programming, and there were many other great insights in this talk but it was massively hard to blog about! So better you read the full paper.