From Software Creationism to Software Evolutionism — Luke Church

Aaaaand… Another review of course. Here is the original post. Luke is going to review this. Will be a really though nut to crack. An overarching narrative is usually: problem – gets worse – solution – happiness.

But not all stories are equally good. What are the stories we want to tell each other? Stories to predict things? To explain things? Sometimes a story is just that: telling it as it is. What are the stories that help us understand the world, and programming?

And who owns this story? Is it everybody’s? Or no one’s? Sometimes it looks as if the computer or the software owns the story. We say things like “the algorithm has chosen…” We pretend the thing has agency to avoid having to be responsible for it. While better tools come from humility (as François-René argued in his talk).

Luke ends with this quote: