What can Students Get from a Software Engineering Capstone Course? — María Cecilia Bastarrica

This is an intriguing title! I ran our third year projects for 3 years and I always wondered: What can students learn from a project? Like our projects, these ones were ran for external company and students were supposed to work in the customers office. The projects are about as heavy in terms of effort, but they are 15 weeks, 3 days, while we have 10 weeks, 5 days. They too have a tutor to help the students:

What I really like is that there are three categories of activities, mandatory, recommended and optional:

This might be something I will steal for my first year projects!

Now, what did they learn? There were 4 learning goals that Maria focused on: technical challenge, negotiation, planning and teamwork. She did so along 2 dimensions: value and difficulty. Students got a survey before and after the course. This shows how the values changed between the pre and post tests: