Do High and Low Performing Student Teams Use Scrum Differently in Capstone Projects? — Maria Paasivaara

And another talk about capstone projects, really cool! This paper compares high and low performing team and see how they use scrum. The project setup is very similar to the previous talk. The highest and lowest performing 4 teams were compared.

High performance teams use the backlog more and communicatie with the product owner more, but these differences and not significant. The only significant difference is in the frequency of the scrum practices, which high performance teams did more. But, there were also interviews, and from them it showed that they used the practices more thoroughly. They had more proper retrospectives, and more discussion that led to changes and improvements.

Obviously, the question remaining is the chicken and the egg. Are the teams better because they use the practices well, or is it the other way around?

More details in the preprint.