Recently, I have been really interested in the question what programming really is, and how we can practice getting better at it. I explored many weird things, like the relationship between code and painting. I gave a workshop in Cambridge where people got artwork styles, like Rococo, Graffiti and Expressionism, and they had to create an Read more about Coetry[…]

Authors and reviewers’ opinions on double blind @ICSME Industry Track

In a previous post I explained why Jens and me, as chairs of the ICSME industry track, decided to use double blind reviewing. In order to understand the impact of this, we made a survey and asked authors and reviewers for input. From the authors, 16 responded and from the reviewers we got 13 answers. We Read more about Authors and reviewers’ opinions on double blind @ICSME Industry Track[…]

Going Double Blind @ICSME Industry Track

In March, I blogged about the industry track of ICSME (the international conference on software maintenance and evolution), offering advice on how to write a paper for an industry focused track. In this track, we did something relatively new in software engineering conferences, we used a double blind reviewing process. In this blog post, I Read more about Going Double Blind @ICSME Industry Track[…]

What science says about naming

A few weeks ago Peter Hilton and I recorded a Software Engineering Radio podcast on naming and during and after the interview, we wondered: what does science say?! To start with, science agrees with us that naming matters. In the source code of Eclipse (about 2 MLoC) 33% of the tokens and 72% of characters are devoted Read more about What science says about naming[…]

How to get “strangers” to answer my emails on clarifications or collaborations?

Yup, that is a tough one! I have both gotten and received those emails. I think there are three details that are often omitted from such emails, decreasing the changes of a response. These are: What do you want? I think the biggest reason not to answer to an email for me, is that there Read more about How to get “strangers” to answer my emails on clarifications or collaborations?[…]