Implication of Data Quality for Spreadsheet Analysis

by Donald P. Ballou, Harold L. Pazer, Salvatore Belardo and Barbara Klein —School of Business-State University of New York at Albany This paper describes the implication errors in spreadsheet data can have, and they kick of with some nice observations in the intro: Intro However, the obvious problem of the impact of faulty data on spreadsheet computations Read more about Implication of Data Quality for Spreadsheet Analysis[…]

Detecting Code Smells in Spreadsheet Formulas

We just learned this paper is accepted at ICSM 2012. The idea The basic idea of this paper is to investigate whether we could apply the known code  smells invented by Martin Fowler in his book Refactoring to spreadsheet formulas. You could view a formula as a small piece of code, so it makes sense to Read more about Detecting Code Smells in Spreadsheet Formulas[…]

The excel CHOOSE function

Today I learnt another cool Excel function I was previously unaware of, the CHOOSE function. As arguments it takes one value n, followed by a list of values that. CHOOSE will return the nth value of that list. =CHOOSE(A1,”A”,”B”,”C”,”D”,”E”,”F”,”G”) returns “C” if A1 contains 3 You get the idea. I do not know for what Read more about The excel CHOOSE function[…]