Leif’s PhD defense

After the initial presentation of 45 minutes, two opponents are asking questions: Supervisor Kurt Schneider (KS) and Arie van Deursen (AvD) KS: What would you consider software engineering practice? As you dont distinguish between distributed or colocated. Is there a limitation? Leif : XP, which is a combination of practices, we should look at individual Read more about Leif’s PhD defense[…]

Leif Singer’s PhD Presentation

Software engineering has proven benefits, yet adoption is low, there is resistance, because: change is hard inexperienced developers will not see benefits long-term benefits are unclear Current state: mandating behavior. Leif’s research is different, he wants to persuade developers to use new techniques, instead of forcing them. Leif’s work is based on innovations theory. This theory Read more about Leif Singer’s PhD Presentation[…]

SCORE 2013

I will be in the program committee for the Student Contest on Software Engineering (SCORE) 2013. SCORE is a worldwide competition for undergraduate and master’s level students. It emphasizes the engineering aspects of software development, not limited to programming. Student teams participating in the contest will devise and implement data-intensive applications that exploit Open Data. To take Read more about SCORE 2013[…]