Eric Bouwers PhD defense

Phillipe Kruchten (PK) is the first one allowed to ask a question. He starts of with asking PK: What is analyzability? Eric Bouwers (EB): We use the ISO¬†definition, which states that it is a subcharacteristic of maintainability. PK: I have a question on section 6.6.6. I was involved in systems larger than what you describe. Read more about Eric Bouwers PhD defense[…]

Metric-Based Evaluation of Implemented Software Architectures

    Today, my colleague Eric Bouwers is defending his PhD thesis. As usual in the Netherlands, he starts of with a layman’s talk. Eric wonderfully starts to explain what an architecture is, by showing us the difference between the original sketches of his bathroom and a current picture. With a bathroom, it is quite Read more about Metric-Based Evaluation of Implemented Software Architectures[…]