Presentation techniques – Overview

Recently, I gave a tutorial on presentation techniques at the SNT institute in Luxembourg City. The material for this tutorial is organized in three themes: structure, story and support. The three themes I will detail each of these topics in a separate blog post later, but for now, I’ll detail the general idea of the tutorial. Structure Read more about Presentation techniques – Overview[…]

Anka Mulder – Open and Online Education: the End of Education as We Know it?

The afternoon keynote is delivered by TU Delft’s own Anka Mulder. She asks us: What happened to telephone companies, record shops, travel agencies? The internet totally changed how they operate, they were forced to change. The same will happen to education, the internet will disrupt it. Many institutions aren’t worried yet. Their arguments include: “There was Read more about Anka Mulder – Open and Online Education: the End of Education as We Know it?[…]

Erik Meijer – Patents, products and papers

I am visiting the European Computer Science Summit today, to give a presentation on social media for scientists (more on that later) First, there is a keynote by the infamous Erik Meijer! After a short morning snack of category theory: .@headinthebox giving us some category theory for breakfast #ecss2013 — Felienne Hermans (@Felienne) October 9, Read more about Erik Meijer – Patents, products and papers[…]

On bad arguments and stereotypes

Last week there was a small Twitter storm in the Netherlands because of this toy advertisement. Quite interesting, as this was the topic of my first blog post in 2011. The pink letters translate to ‘you want to be just as good as mommy’. Eventually the story also ended up in regular media, and then on tv. In the Dutch show Pauw Read more about On bad arguments and stereotypes[…]

New paper: BumbleBee, a tool for spreadsheet formula transformations

Update: This paper will be presented at FSE 2014! Some spreadsheets can be improved While looking at spreadsheet and how they are used, over the past years I have noticed that many users don’t make their spreadsheets as easy as they could be. For instance, they use A1+A2+A3+A4+A5 instead of the simpler SUM(A1:A5) Sometimes because Read more about New paper: BumbleBee, a tool for spreadsheet formula transformations[…]