Transducers – Rich Hickey

Transducers, what are they? They are in essence filter and map, step away from thinking about them as working on lists, and recast them as process transformations. They are applicable if you model your data as a succession of steps, where each step ingests an input. Building a collection is just one instance of a Read more about Transducers – Rich Hickey[…]

Practical Fractals in Space – Michelle Brush

Michelle’s first program was the logistic map in C++ because she always loved fractals. She sort of gave up on using them in her daily work, until she was working with navigation systems. Here, she had to compress multiple dimensions into one. For example: what item or items in the data set is closest to Read more about Practical Fractals in Space – Michelle Brush[…]

Leo Meyerovic – the sociology of programming languages adoption

When building any tool, we have to make a trade off between things like safety, performance or productivity. Leo refers to Erik Meijer’s essay Confessions of a used programming language salesman with the change function” perceived adoption need/perceived adoption pain. This shows in erik’s career, instead of making new languages (Haskell) he tried to embed Read more about Leo Meyerovic – the sociology of programming languages adoption[…]