Expector released

We just released a new version of Expector, with a number of bug fixes (thanks for all the reports!) but also a few new features: Test quality Clicking this button helps you determine how well your spreadsheet is tested. Expector calculates what percentage of non-empty cells in your spreadsheet that are covered (refered to) by at least Read more about Expector released[…]

Live Coding and Machine Listening – Nick Collins

Machine Listening: Human hearing modeled via the computer. An example is the program Tartini. Nick’s idea is to use machine listening programs as the user interface for live coding. Some background work: Nick developed a system called Algoravethmic, that analyzes the music you make with SuperCollider, and then generated an interface with which you can change Read more about Live Coding and Machine Listening – Nick Collins[…]

Steven Tanimoto – Keynote

After a day filled with talks and performances on live coding (performing programming ‘live’ like live music) today’s keynote is about live programming: abandoning the traditional edit-compile-run cycle in favor of an instantaneous user experience with live feedback on a program’s runtime behavior. In the early days of computing programming was very ‘unlive’, you first had Read more about Steven Tanimoto – Keynote[…]

Problem Solving in Sprego – Maria Csernoch

Students of computer science usually do not consider spreadsheets to be real programming, says Maria. No surprises there. What is programming or problem solving? Polya says it consists of making a plan, executing it and then testing. End-users, but also students, often do not use this, do not make a plan and just start. Maria Read more about Problem Solving in Sprego – Maria Csernoch[…]

What We Don’t Know About Spreadsheet Errors Today – Ray Panko

Jimmy Doolittle, says Ray, introduced the idea of trusting your instruments instead of relying on your intuition. We need to do this for spreadsheets too. Experiences are deceiving: Ray says people often cite him saying “spreadsheets are error-prone”, but he never said that! Humans are error-prone. We think we view the real world, but the Read more about What We Don’t Know About Spreadsheet Errors Today – Ray Panko[…]