Blended Learning: Student Voices

Today at the edX global forum there is a panel with students, really nice touch to hear their perspective. The panel is moderated by Martin Irvine (MI) and unfortunately the student’s names are no on the slides, so I will just label their responses as S1 to S6. MI: can you describe your experience with Read more about Blended Learning: Student Voices[…]

edX Global Summit Keynote

In the keynote, Anant Agarwal (AA) of MIT interviews Megan Smith (MS), the CTO of the US. AA: What does the CTO of the US do? MS: The CTO is embedded into the Science & Technology Office, and her first goal is to increase “TQ” Getting more technical people involved in political discussions, get ‘techies on Read more about edX Global Summit Keynote[…]

Why functional programming matters — Mary Sheeran & John Hughes

Who needs booleans or integers, says John. We can use functions instead! Integers are just for counting loops anyway. If we want to add two numbers now, we can just sequence loops: We can continue this for ever, there is no stopping John, everything can be replaced by functions. These are called Church Encodings and can  apply Read more about Why functional programming matters — Mary Sheeran & John Hughes[…]