Scratch Intro material: Lesson 2 (Dutch)

The kids at my robotics club loved playing with my first Scratch lesson, so I made a second lesson. In this lesson, little fish Gerrie needs to eat all purple fishes, while not touching the poisonous dotted fish.   The kids really liked it, even the one that missed last week’s lesson picked it up quickly. They ended Read more about Scratch Intro material: Lesson 2 (Dutch)[…]

Playing the game [Desiderius part 9]

Hi Desiderius fans, I can’t imagine anyone else is reading these posts but true fans. I’d like to extend a special welcome to Fred, thanks for favoriting my bridge tweets every weekend 🙂 A while back I was at DDD Europe where I played a real life game of bridge. Unfortunately my phone was dead so Read more about Playing the game [Desiderius part 9][…]

Live Hacking with Tomas Petricek [Desiderius part 8]

When I was at NDC, there was a real cool type of session called the “Functional Programming Lab Hour” where you could go to do some functional programming with among others, Tomas Petricek. Initially I went there to ask about a strange null error I was getting in combining C# and F# which apparently has to Read more about Live Hacking with Tomas Petricek [Desiderius part 8][…]