A fitness function for bidding systems [Desiderius part #17]

Last week I explained why a DSL and genetic programming are such an awesome combination. So, we can almost start to mutate our ACOL code. But, there is one thing we need: a fitness function, a function that tells us we are going the right way. When mutating a string, we used the Levenshtein distance Read more about A fitness function for bidding systems [Desiderius part #17][…]

F# versus C#: What are the differences?

tl;dr We are interested in understanding the differences between C# and F#. If you work on a project that has both C# and F# and you want to help science, we would love to monitor your IDE usage and ask your a few questions too. Just download kave, and program like no one is watching for Read more about F# versus C#: What are the differences?[…]

Intro Genetic Programming [Desiderius part #15]

I missed a weekend, sorry guys! I was busy babysitting a five year old and contemplating the LambdaConf situation. To make it up I have a totally fresh and new topic to talk about: genetic programming. I do not want to design a bidding systems, I want to make the best one possible, and for Read more about Intro Genetic Programming [Desiderius part #15][…]