Authors and reviewers’ opinions on double blind @ICSME Industry Track

In a previous post I explained why Jens and me, as chairs of the ICSME industry track, decided to use double blind reviewing. In order to understand the impact of this, we made a survey and asked authors and reviewers for input. From the authors, 16 responded and from the reviewers we got 13 answers. We Read more about Authors and reviewers’ opinions on double blind @ICSME Industry Track[…]

Going Double Blind @ICSME Industry Track

In March, I blogged about the industry track of ICSME (the international conference on software maintenance and evolution), offering advice on how to write a paper for an industry focused track. In this track, we did something relatively new in software engineering conferences, we used a double blind reviewing process. In this blog post, I Read more about Going Double Blind @ICSME Industry Track[…]

Doctoral symposium questions

This week the FSE doctoral symposium was held, and Gail Murphy, who was the keynote, has students write down questions on their minds. In this post, and a few to follow, I will try to answer them or point to answers that are already online. In this post are all the questions (thanks students for Read more about Doctoral symposium questions[…]

So you want to tell the scientist about the real world?

This year, I am chairing the ‘industry track’ of ICSME: the international conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution, and you, yes you can be a part of this. In the regular, research, track, we are looking for paper that have made a novel contribution, for example a new algorithm to detect duplication in source code. Read more about So you want to tell the scientist about the real world?[…]

Open letter to NWO

Background NWO is the Dutch funding agency, comparable to the NSF in the US. One of their funding categories is the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. This scheme consists of three grants for creative talented researchers, called veni, vidi and vici, for researchers 3, 5 and 10 years away from their getting their PhD. These three grants are Read more about Open letter to NWO[…]