F# versus C#: What are the differences?

tl;dr We are interested in understanding the differences between C# and F#. If you work on a project that has both C# and F# and you want to help science, we would love to monitor your IDE usage and ask your a few questions too. Just download kave, and program like no one is watching for Read more about F# versus C#: What are the differences?[…]

Moving the BPN logic from C# to F# [Desiderius part #13]

Like I wrote about a few weeks back, all the refactorings made me reflect on some names. It started out simple, as I said three weeks back, Desi.Player I had in F# (so the type, not the class) should be called something like “direction” as it represents just where the players are. I think this is Read more about Moving the BPN logic from C# to F# [Desiderius part #13][…]

History and Spirit of C and C++ – Olve Maudal

To understand how and why C was created, we need to go back in time, back to the EDSAC to be precise. How programming looked in those days:   To really get into the inner workings of the EDSAC, Olve wrote FizzBuzz for it (so cool!) That you can try out in an emulator. This Read more about History and Spirit of C and C++ – Olve Maudal[…]

Laser panel

Laser finished today with a panel, in which participants can ask the speakers questions. To Erik: Did you predict the collisions of imperical and function styles in C# that you talked about in your first talk? No, coming from functional programming I did not see those problems. I think the way to go is to Read more about Laser panel[…]