F# versus C#: What are the differences?

tl;dr We are interested in understanding the differences between C# and F#. If you work on a project that has both C# and F# and you want to help science, we would love to monitor your IDE usage and ask your a few questions too. Just download kave, and program like no one is watching for Read more about F# versus C#: What are the differences?[…]

Moving the BPN logic from C# to F# [Desiderius part #13]

Like I wrote about a few weeks back, all the refactorings made me reflect on some names. It started out simple, as I said three weeks back, Desi.Player I had in F# (so the type, not the class) should be called something like “direction” as it represents just where the players are. I think this is Read more about Moving the BPN logic from C# to F# [Desiderius part #13][…]

Feedback on Desiderius [Desiderius part 11b]

I got me some feedback! Who knew, after 11 posts, people starting reading my posts and tweeting me feedback and ideas. @Felienne in F# can you do ` List.sortBy (helper.getRank) hand` instead of `List.sortBy (fun x-> helper.getRank(x)) hand`? — Daan van Berkel (@daan_van_berkel) March 6, 2016 Turns out, you can! That makes my code a bit Read more about Feedback on Desiderius [Desiderius part 11b][…]