Why I am canceling my trip to the US next week

So, I was supposed to go to the US next week for FSE, but I am not. I am cancelling because of Trump. Why? On a philosophical note. There is a famous musical in the Netherlands about a famous resistance hero (that actually existed) called Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange) It is a typical story Read more about Why I am canceling my trip to the US next week[…]

My feminism is one of broken promises

I wrote most of this post before the elections, but I figured today was a good day to finalize and officially come out as a feminist. Because today, the biggest lie we all want to believe has been debunked. “Girls, if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.” Turns out, you cannot. One of the reasons Read more about My feminism is one of broken promises[…]

Not all opinions

For all readers a bit less “in” the tech scene: an interesting thing happened in the last few days. First Paul Graham tweeted: If Trump wins, I'm joining the Resistance. — Paul Graham (@paulg) October 11, 2016 Understandably, people asked him to start by denouncing one of his partners, Peter Thiel, a known Trump supporter. Read more about Not all opinions[…]

On leaving your politics at home

Prelude I guess most of my readers in tech know what this post is about. This post is about the idea that at a conference on programming (or any other professional topic) it is possible to leave your political views at home. In the (functional) programming space is a very recent and hot controversy at this Read more about On leaving your politics at home[…]