Why functional programming matters — Mary Sheeran & John Hughes

Who needs booleans or integers, says John. We can use functions instead! Integers are just for counting loops anyway. If we want to add two numbers now, we can just sequence loops: We can continue this for ever, there is no stopping John, everything can be replaced by functions. These are called Church Encodings and can  apply Read more about Why functional programming matters — Mary Sheeran & John Hughes[…]

GHC’s typed intermediate language

In his final talk, Simon Peyton Jones will explain GHC’s intermediate language: System FC In GHC, Haskell is typechecked and desugared into an intermediate language with only 10 operators (and has been like that for 22 years!) Having a small IL is great, since conde generization and optimization only handle a small language, but there Read more about GHC’s typed intermediate language[…]