Inferring Method Specifications from Natural Language API Descriptions

The final session of ICSE 2012 is there. Always a very hard task to keep people awake and interested, but luckily the topic is really cool. Generating code from natural language has been a topic of interest for a long time (see Stephan Wolframs blog post on Wolfram Alpha) Challenges of extracting specification from natural language Read more about Inferring Method Specifications from Natural Language API Descriptions[…]

CodeTimeline: Storytelling with Versioning Data

There are many cool visualization techniques that look cool and are loved by engineers, by not necessarily very useful by itself. However, when observing developers interacting with these visualizations, the authors observed that they started explaining  the story of the code. Like “ow, remember, this is where I fixed this bug, it was so hard” This paper Read more about CodeTimeline: Storytelling with Versioning Data[…]