Components in Scala

Martin Odersky will talk about components in Scala. See also the first four Scala lectures at laser. Components are parts of applications that can be combined in larger applications. They should be reusable, and therefore it needs an interface,  both describing the provided and the required services. This is how it differs from an API. A Read more about Components in Scala[…]

Poor’s mans Type Classes

Martin Odersky is back with more Scala, and he promises today will be a collection of all sorts of Scala features. First Martin will talk about Type Classes, since this was the topic of Simon Peyton Jones’s talk this morning. In Haskell they work out very nice, so one could ask whether we should add Read more about Poor’s mans Type Classes[…]

Component abstractions in Scala: the basics, part 2

And we’re back after only 5 minutes of break after Martin’s first talk. This really looks like work 🙂 And no time to relax, Martin is starting immediately with explaining the Scala Type system. This supports three Top Types: Any, AnyRef and AnyVal are the base types, for respectively all, and all reference and all Read more about Component abstractions in Scala: the basics, part 2[…]