Proposition #8

“In applied sciences like software engineering, PhD students should not work at the university full time.” This proposition relates somewhat to Proposition #5. I think it is very important for researchers in software engineering to connect with practice. Doing industrial case studies is one option, but I want to go even further, I think young researchers Read more about Proposition #8[…]

Proposition #6

“An efficient legal system should focus on reintegration and reconciliation, instead of on penance and redress.” Recently, in the Netherlands, the role of revenge in the legal system was covered in the news, as our Minister of Justice stated that being killed is a risk of being a thief [1] and some people argued that with Read more about Proposition #6[…]

Proposition #7

“Initiatives to attract women to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) should focus on teachers and parents instead of on women.”  Recently, I was talking to high school girls about my profession, for the Dutch Spiegelbeeld program, a database with female role models who work in technology and they told me that often their parents actively Read more about Proposition #7[…]