Online Courses

Over the last years, I have grown very enthusiastic about online learning and sharing my knowledge and research in engaging courses. All my courses (and lots of other awesome courses) are on, and mine are all NC-creative commons, so learn for free and feel free to reuse materials as long as it is non commercial.

Programming for Teachers

Programming for teachers

A course (in Dutch) for teachers where teachers can learn the basics of programming as well as what didactic methods to use to teach programming, and practical tips such as how to use teacher tools.

Programming for Kids

Programmeren voor Kinderen (Dutch)

In deze cursus leren kinderen in 6 weken de basisbegrippen van programmeren door het maken van spelletjes en animaties.

Spreadsheets and Data Analysis

I made an Xseries (a small program of 3 courses that fit together) on spreadsheets and data analysis.

Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX()

This course is an introduction into using spreadsheets for data analysis: PivotTables, VLOOKUPS, Named ranges, what-if analyses, making great graphs – are covered in the first weeks of the course. After that, we will investigate the quality of the spreadsheet model, and especially how to make sure your spreadsheet remains error-free and robust.

Finally, once we have mastered spreadsheets, we will demonstrate other ways to store and analyze data. We will also look into how Python, a programming language, can help us with analyzing and manipulating data in spreadsheets.

Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design

This course is the next step after ex101x and will help you dig deeper. You will learn advanced techniques for robust data analysis in a business environment. This course covers the main tasks required from data analysts today, including importing, summarizing, interpreting, analyzing and visualizing data. It aims to equip you with the tools that will enable you to be an independent data analyst. Most techniques will be taught in Excel with add-ons and free tools available online.

Bring your own data for a better experience!

Data Analysis: Building Your Own Business Dashboard

This is a hands-on project course in which you will engage in a real data analysis project that simulates the complexity and challenges of data analysts at work. Testing, data wrangling, Pivot Tables, sparklines? Now that you have mastered them you are ready to apply them all and carry out an independent data analysis.