To Scratch or not to Scratch?!: A controlled experiment comparing plugged first and unplugged first programming lessons – Felienne Hermans and Efthimia Aivaloglou. In proceedings of WIPSCE (blog, paper)
Programming Education to Preschoolers: Reflections and Observations from a Field
Study – 
Alaaeddin Swidan and Felienne Hermans. In Proceedings of Psychology of Programming Interest Group (blog Dutch, paper)
A Dataset of Scratch Programs: Scraped, Shaped and Scored – Efthimia Aivaloglou, Felienne Hermans, Jesús Moreno León and Gregorio Robles. In Proceedings of MSR
The Effect of Delocalized Plans on Spreadsheet Comprehension – A Controlled Experiment
– Bas Jansen and Felienne Hermans In proceedings of ICPC (paper)
Teaching Software Engineering Principles to K-12 Students: A MOOC on Scratch
 – Felienne Hermans and Efthimia Aivaloglou. In proceedings of ICSE (blog, paper)
Programming is writing is programming 
– Felienne Hermans and Marlies Aldewereld, In proceedings of Salon des Refuses 2017 (blog, paper)


Spreadsheet Testing in Practice – Sohon Roy, Felienne Hermans, and Arie van Deursen, In proceedings of SANER 16 (paper)
Smells in Block-Based Programming Languages
– Felienne Hermans, Kathryn Stolee and David Hoepelman, In proceedings of VL/HCC 2016
How kids code and how we know: An Exploratory Study on the Scratch Repository – Efthimia Aivaloglou and Felienne Hermans, In proceedings of ICER 2016 (paper)
Do code smells hamper novice programming: A controlled experiment on Scratch Programs – Felienne Hermans, Efthimia Aivaloglou, In proceedings of ICPC 2016 (blog, paper)
In the Future, Everyone Will Be a Programmer for 15 Minutes
 – Felienne Hermans, IEEE Software (pdf)
Improving the Performance of a Large Scale Spreadsheet: A Case Study – Alaaeddin Swidan, Felienne Hermans and Ruben Koesoemowidjojo, In Proceedings of SANER ’16
Evaluating Automatic Spreadsheet Metadata Extraction on a Large Set of Responses from MOOC Participants – Sohon Roy, Felienne Hermans, Efthimia Aivaloglou, Jos Winter and Arie van Deursen, In Proceedings of SANER ’16
Spreadsheets are Code: An Overview of Software Engineering Approaches applied to Spreadsheets – Felienne Hermans, Bas Jansen, Sohon Roy, Efthimia Aivaloglou, Alaaeddin Swidan and David Hoepelman, In Proceedings of SANER ’16. (video)


Detecting and Repairing Smelly Lookup Functions in Spreadsheets – Felienne Hermans, Efthimia Aivaloglou & Bas JansenProceedings of VL/HCC ’15 (blog)
Code Smells in Spreadsheet Formulas Revisited on an Industrial Dataset – Bas Jansen & Felienne Hermans, Proceedings of ICSME ’15
A Grammar for Spreadsheet Formulas Evaluated on Two Large Datasets – Efthimia Aivaloglou, David Hoepelman & Felienne Hermans, Proceedings of SCAM ’15
Coda Lisa: Collaborative Art in the Browser – Felienne Hermans & Rico Huijbers, Proceedings of ICLC ’15
Copy-Paste Tracking: Fixing Spreadsheets Without Breaking Them – Felienne Hermans & Tijs Van Der Storm, Proceedings of ICLC ’15
Enron’s Spreadsheets and Related Emails: A Dataset and Analysis – Felienne Hermans & Emerson Murphy Hill, Proceedings of ICSE’ 15 (blog)


BumbleBee, a tool for spreadsheet formula transformations – Felienne Hermans & Danny Dig (Blog) Proceedings of FSE ’14
Anonymizing Spreadsheet Data and Metadata with AnonymousXL – Felienne & Joeri van Veen (Live Blog, Google Scholar) Proceedings of SEMS ’14.
Using a Visual Language to Create Better Spreadsheets Proceedings – Bas Jansen & Felienne Hermans (Live blog, Google Scholar) of SEMS ’14.
Dependence Tracing Techniques for Spreadsheets: An Investigation – Sohon Roy & Felienne Hermans (Live blog, Google Scholar) Proceedings of SEMS ’14.
Detecting and refactoring code smells in spreadsheet formulas – Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholarfigshare) Empirical Software Engineering


Improving Spreadsheet Test Practices Felienne Hermans (Google Scholar, Blog, Slides) Proceedings of CASCON ’13. Best paper award
Data clone detection and visualization in spreadsheets – 
Felienne Hermans, Ben Sedee, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, Blog) Proceedings of ICSE ’13 ACM Distinguished paper award
Analyzing and visualizing spreadsheets –
Felienne HermansPhD dissertation (Blog)


Exact and Near-miss Clone Detection in Spreadsheets Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen  (Google Scholar, TinyToCS) TinyToCS, Vol. 1
Detecting code smells in spreadsheet formulas Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, Blog) Proceedings of ICSM ’12
Measuring spreadsheet formula understandability – Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen(Google Scholar, Arxiv) Proceedings of EuSpRIG ’12
Detecting and visualizing inter-worksheet smells in spreadsheets  Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, ACM DL) Proceedings of ICSE ’12


Breviz: visualizing spreadsheets using dataflow diagrams – Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, Arxiv) Proceedings of EuSpRIG ’11
Supporting professional spreadsheet users by generating leveled dataflow diagrams Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, ACM DL) Proceedings of ICSE ’11


Automatically extracting class diagrams from spreadsheets – Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, SpringerLink) Proceedings of ECOOP ’10


Domain-specific languages in practice: A user study on the success factors – Felienne Hermans, Martin Pinzger & Arie van Deursen (Google Scholar, SpringerLink) Proceedings of MODELS ’09
Gathering domain knowledge from spreadsheets – Felienne Hermans (Google Scholar, ACM DL) Proceedings of ESEC/FSE ’09, Doctoral Symposium


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    Therefore, there are weeks when I do not have the time to do the assignments. You homework schedule is great.

    There is a Medical Statistics course I teaching and I am borrowing heavily from your course.

    On a personal note: I at the University of Deft in 1983 as a grad-student . I have been to many towns in England, Germany, France and Holland and Deft was my favorite.

    Robert Vaughn PhD
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